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38 Lounge

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ABOUT 38 Lounge

Level 38, Altira Macau, Av. de Kwong Tung,

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1) Rooftop bar
2) Best view of Macau Peninsula
3) Outdoor Terrace
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No. 38 Mojito

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1 part – Havana Club White Rum
1 part – Sugar Syrup
1 part – Fresh Lime Juice
1 - Club Soda
5pcs of fresh mint leaves


-Place all the ingredients in the glass ware together with crushed iced until full
-Stir the ingredients with Swizzle Stick
- Top up with club soda


FIND OUT MORE ABOUT Diray Lorgepee Obas

If you could bartend anywhere in the world where would you want to bartend?

"If given the chance to bartend other than here in Altira, I would love to do it somewhere in the Bahamas or in my own Bar."

If you weren't a bartender, what would your dream job be?

"If I was not a Bartender or not in the Hospitality industry, I would probably be a lawyer."

What do you love most about bar tending?

"What I love most about Bartending is discovering new drinks most specially the ART in it. For me I don’t consider it as a job but as a peace of art. One must have passion in it to create an amazing outcome."

What do you hate most about bar tending?

"I don’t think there is anything about bartending that I hate. I love every single detail of it. From the selection of liquors, liqueurs, the process and most specially seeing the outcome of your piece of art."

Who is your Hollywood movie star crush?

"Too many to mention."

How would your friends describe you?

"My friends would always describe me as bubbly and free spirited person."

When you're out with friends, what are you usually drinking and why?

"On a casual night out, I would always have some white wine or just mojito. But if its something about discovering new drinks I would always want to try what is new in the Menu and something that I never tried before."

Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know

"hhhmmmm I am what you see. If there are something that people don’t know about me is precisely why they don’t know about because it has to be that way."

What do you like doing most in your free time?

"It depends on my current location, since I’m here in Macau most of my free time I just stay home read some news or If I decide to go out I would visit our outlets and try their products."

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38 Lounge

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